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Programme Objectives

The Hong Kong Palace Museum Student Ambassador Programme, solely sponsored by the China Merchants Foundation, is designed for tertiary and secondary students, with the goal to cultivate the students’ interest in and knowledge of Chinese art and culture through a series of learning workshops and practical sessions. The Programme will not only enhance students’ understanding of cultural objects and museum work, but also nurture future arts and cultural talents and museum professionals in Hong Kong.

The Programme offerings range from lectures about palace culture to docent training, artmaking and conservation workshops at the Museum, and visits to local arts and cultural organisations. Students will have the opportunity to study up close the treasures on view at the Museum and learn about their historical and cultural significance. They will be able to apply what they have learned through activities, such as serving as the Museum’s docents, and designing creative learning programmes from the youths’ perspectives. As ambassadors of the Museum, students will share their newly gained knowledge and skills with their peers and inspire more young people to learn about Chinese art and culture.

Programme Introduction


Exhibition Appreciation

Enjoy an in-depth exploration of the Hong Kong Palace Museum’s captivating exhibitions. Marvel at the priceless treasures up close and gain insights into the curatorial concepts behind the exhibitions.


Re-interpreting traditions

Tradition ≠ outdated.

Artists share how they find inspiration from the past to create new art.


Preserving cultural treasures

Make the most of this rare opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills of conservation and restoration from expert conservators!


Appreciating cultural treasures

Learn the skills required of a docent and become a docent yourself, introducing the treasures in our galleries to visitors.


Be inspired

Share your creative thinking and fresh perspectives to bring inspiration and new ideas to the learning journey.


Hong Kong’s

cultural landscape

Broaden your horizons and enhance your communication skills with visits to art and cultural institutions.

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