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Tertiary students aged 18 to 35, studying full time at a local tertiary institution (any discipline) may apply directly to the Programme.

Secondary students aged 12 to 18 and studying full-time at a local secondary school are welcome to apply through their schools. 

1. Who is eligible?

2. What are the selection criteria?

Proactive learning attitude, team spirit, good communication and interpersonal skills, creative thinking, and language proficiency.

3. Can students apply by themselves?

Tertiary students: Yes, with recommendations from teachers. 

Secondary school students: Apply through and be nominated by their schools.

4. Are there any application fees?

The programme is free of charge.

5. Will there be any conflict with school hours?

Activities are usually held on Saturdays, school holidays, and public holidays. 

Participants are required to engage in one to two learning activities per month. 

(A minimum attendance of 90 per cent is required) 

6. Do participants need to attend all the webinars?

7. Do participants receive certification for the programme?

Yes. Participants will: 

  • Receive a certificate of completion;

  • Receive a letter of recommendation issued by the Museum Director; 

  • Be officially recognised as a Hong Kong Palace Museum Student Ambassador.

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